About the book

Political Entrepreneurship will be published by Springer in Autumn 2018.

Democracies are in decline. Populists are on the march. With traditional parties on the ropes, how can liberal democracies fend off the populist challenge? The answer is Political Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurially minded citizens who found innovative political start-ups with entrepreneurial methods.

Political start-ups such as En Marche in France, Ciudadanos in Spain, Nowoczesna in Poland, Momentum in Hungary or NEOS in Austria disrupt political markets in order to reinvent 21st century politics the entrepreneurial way. For the first time, this book tells their story, and how they are taking on the populists by driving positive political change.

Their opponents in the race to reinvent our democracies are the populist and extremist movements on the left and right, like PiS in Poland, Front National in France, Podemos in Spain, FIDESZ in Hungary or the FPÖ in Austria – but also the traditional parties in the political centre that have started to adopt the populist agenda.

Building on the unique insights, rich examples and personal stories of centrist political entrepreneurs distilled from 40 in-depth interviews, the book guides the reader through each of the key stages of Political Entrepreneurship (understanding, envisioning, building and scaling), and shows how to master them. By highlighting successes as much as failures, it makes accessible how successful political entrepreneurs actually go about producing transformative political change.

Political practitioners as well as the politically interested will find a useful theory of Political Entrepreneurship – what it is, how it works and what its role is in 21st century democracies. Most of all, they will learn about tools and methods that can be replicated.

Providing a glimpse on what’s next for political parties, the book demonstrates that the future of the political party is already here.